Northern Belle

Marsha Murray, MS the Founder of Northern Belle, LLC was born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut. She is known for her supportive personality, analytic strategies and creative ambition. Marsha attended Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, Western Connecticut State University and Graduate School at Southern Connecticut State University before returning to Hartford, CT and launching a unique women’s networking company. Equipped with a love for research & statistical analysis Marsha also found her passion in women's empowerment and philanthropy. Through her creative drive she develop Northern Belle to tap into issues relevant to women with a communal approach and distinctive goal of connecting, informing & giving back.  

the founder & executive director.

logistics director.

Jeanette Rivera is a graduate of Western Connecticut State University

with a Bachelors degree in Social Work. Jeanette has a strong passion

for providing resources for young adults to succeed

in higher education by continued outreach, support and guidance.

Jeanette is committed to Northern Belle's  unique networking & personal development services specifically those that empower young adults.  

Mireille Henry, MS is a graduate of the University of Connecticut with a Masters degree in Social Work with a concentration in Administration. Mireille is dedicated to providing social awareness and community consulting in Connecticut. She decided to be part of The Northern Belle movement to use her life experiences along with her international background to show young men and women that with

a little hard work and dedication you can accomplish your

goals no matter what life challenges occur.

logistics director.

logistics director.

Renae Earlington is a graduate of the University of Connecticut.

She obtained a Bachelor's Degree in General Studies with a concentration in Corporate and Organizational Skills. Her passion is working with the youth in achieving success. She believes that her current position as a dedicated member of Northern Belle will allow her to provide the appropriate tools and resources needed for the community to be more successful in realizing their dreams. Renae continues to grow personally and professionally through the opportunities provided by attending Northern Belle networking seminars and community events.

Sekienna Ellis, CAM is a proud mother, wife and property management professional who was born and raised in Jamaica and grew up in Hartford. After graduating from Johnson & Wales University with two degrees in Business Administration and Marketing Communications, Sekienna returned home to Hartford with a hungry passion to enlighten, uplift, and support others in their efforts to progress beyond limits. Sekienna has enjoyed being a mentor to teenage girls, a champion for community organizations, an organizer of social and community events, and a resourceful sister-friend. Sekienna comes to Northern Belle with the intention to make an impact one smile - one helpful hand - one caring heart - one listening ear at a time.

host & logistics director.